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We stock virtually all of the domestic hardwood species in most thicknesses, as well as White Pine and other softwoods in a variety of grades and sizes.

For our customers with more exotic tastes, we also specialize in a wide array of imported species such as South American Mahogany and African Mahogany, Padauk,Teak and Jatoba to name a few.

All of our inbound lumber is surfaced and inspected upon receipt for defect and color, and can be sorted to our customers' specifications.

An NHLA certified grader is on staff to ensure our customers receive on-grade or better material.

Lumber specified to a finished size receives a second pass through our Newman planer equipped with high-speed steel to ensure a quality finish.

We can also straight-line rip one or two edges to produce a glue-line edge, utilizing a laser light system to reduce waste.

Do you know the true cost of your lumber?

Not long ago, Rayner & Rinn-Scott, Inc. designed, had custom built and installed an automatic straight-line rip saw we believe was the first of its kind. What does this mean to you? Consistently great savings! Our system measures any bow or crook in a board by LASER and AUTOMATICALLY feeds it into the saw with the least waste possible. This eliminates all human error in feeding. For example, our rip waste on 12’ red oak or poplar averages 6%. If you currently experience, or have been told that your rip loss is 10% or more, this 4% + savings will fall right to your bottom line! Remember all lumber companies invoice you on footage before ripping. In doubt? Measure your lumber on your next order and learn your TRUE waste loss.

If you would like a demonstration of this remarkable system, please stop in and see our AUTOMATED STRAIGHT-LINE RIPPING SYSTEM for yourself.